In view of the market demand for increasingly high quality solutions to problems, and because the quality of such solutions must include long-lasting materials and guaranteed noise reduction, together with limited planning and execution costs, VER MAC has the pleasure of presenting its new modular system, illustrated below, which can also cater for any non-standard solution on request.

The cabin frame is constructed with double-edged profiles joined together by corner insertion couplings. This system eliminates the need for any welded joints.
The use of self-drilling screws on the profiles also means that it is easy to both assemble and dismantle the panels on the sides of the cabin.
The roof panels, which are fitted into the profile edge, are provided with ringbolts to allow for assembly by means of ordinary cranes or bridge cranes.

The modular panels are made in galvanised or pickled tempered 20/10 sheet steel coated by electrostatic application in various ral colours.

All doors are equipped with anti-panic systems.
Windows, available in both doors and panels, are in safety glass made of a double-layered crystal pane with a shock absorbing polyvinyl-butyral film in the middle, fitted by means of a self-supporting extruded rubber profile.
Doors/panels with double glazing with an air chamber as wide as the door/panel, to increase the acoustic insulation coefficient, are also available on reques. The internal sound-absorbent/sound-insulation composition of the panel/door can vary according to the required degree of acoustic reduction.

If necessary, the cabins can be equipped with ventilation for internal air exchange, and electrical and compressed air circuits. We therefore recommend you contact our technical office in the planning stage for specifically targeted assessment.